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Discussion on: How to go fast

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Chris James Author • Edited on

Technical debt will occur whether you do pull requests or not. It's unlikely you will get code perfect the first time no matter how many people check it because the correct abstraction today is the wrong one tomorrow.

I will fix technical debt as I see it and in order for teams to go fast the business has to trust the technical team.

And as the post implies, in order to go fast you don't have a huge backlog waiting for you. You have short term goals that you iterate on over time and the team is empowered to make whatever technical choices they need to keep moving fast.

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David Wickes

If you're in conflict with 'the business', if they're refusing to rely on your expertise, if you can't work collaboratively with 'them', if you're not in control of your own working methods and backlog... you've got bigger problems than can be fixed with code review and pull request fetishism.