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British. Strong opinions held weekly. No, that's not a typo. Teaches when and where and what I can.

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MA Continental Philosophy


Senior Software Developer at Acuris

How To Spell JavaScript

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2 min read

#discussRésumé / CV Sift

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2 min read

TDD an Analogue Clockface in Go

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38 min read

On Developer Fetishes

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The Cake Mix Metaphor for Frameworks

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#healthydebateFront End: Is Anything Getting Better?

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#discussDark Side vs Light Side

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Why learn... about Media Types

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How I Write Blog Posts These Days

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Why learn... a statically typed language?

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#showdevTodo-MVP: Or 'Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework' - The Revenge

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4 min read

The Unix way... or why you actually want to use Vim

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6 min read

The Golden Rule for Junior Developers

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The World's Simplest "Static Site Generator"

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Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework

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Learn Go by writing tests: Concurrency

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