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Hello, world! I'm a professional FullStack self-taught developer from Moscow. I truly love web-development and all that it concerns. Making websites is awesome. Follow me if you need some help

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Build your Responsive website without media query

Pretty nice

Best JavaScript Weather App In Codepen 2021

Also :) But there is somethin...

Scalable Animated Hamburger Menu 2021 πŸ”₯| HTML & CSS


15 amazing CSS tips and tricks you should know

Pretty good

How Does The Web Work?

Good read

How to optimize your images for performance

Good read

Python IDEs and code editors compilation

Too exactly

Create Image Watermark using Nodejs

That’s pretty useful


So attractive

Getting my SvelteKit website on Netlify

That’s pretty good

Digital Clock Using HTML CSS and JavaScript


12 Resources To Improve Your CSS Skills And Speed Up CSS Development


4 awesome javascript projects worthy of your collection

Prettty good

That's probably the best UI on a button I ever seen

It’s cool :)

How to choose a domain for a new site: useful tips

Yeah. That’s a true reality

How to choose a domain for a new site: useful tips

Thanks! You`re welcome

JavaScript Amazing operators

Good read

The animated sticky navigation bar on scroll | Fixed Navbar on Scroll

Pretty useful, thanks

Enhance your code reading experience on GitHub

Good job!

How to style console.logs in Chrome Dev Tools

Pretty good

I Got a Perfect Lighthouse Score on My First Portfolio Website!


What is localStorage?

Good read!

Colors are Math: How they match β€” and how to build a Color Picker

Pretty useful, thanks

What a React developer needs to know in 2021

You’re welcome

Basic git commands all software developers should know

Thank you. It’s a good cheat sheet for beginners

My personal website built using HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript

Pretty nice

Realistic Red Switch (Pure CSS)

Impressive work

Best Websites Every Programmer Should Visit

Wow! That`s really amazing. Thanks a lot

How JavaScript really works?

The first reference video is truly useful :)

7 types of modern databases: purpose, advantages and disadvantages

Nope :)

Should Developers Join Clubhouse?

IMHO Clubhouse has great potential. Besides, developers can g...

7 Best Places to find Hackathons!πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Wow! I really appreciate your article. Hackathon is a very cu...

πŸš€10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers - 12th March 2021

So useful, thanks

Are you obsessed by programming? 🧠🀯

I`m totally obsessed :)

How I Built My Dream Portfolio Site


How I Built My Dream Portfolio Site

How did you ensure such a quick api update

I revamped my home page. Any suggestions?

I`d like to see some pictures of your project. Btw, .xyz is m...

CSS Grid Cheat Sheet Illustrated in 2021πŸŽ–οΈ

Ultimate cheat sheet!

A little dev secret: How to make a loading screen


So, how many of you respect CSS as a programming language?

I respect CSS!

All the Ways to Center a Div

This is an eternal problem. Thank you very much!

How to use the API!

Is it possible to get only 2 latest posts?

var, let & const in JavaScript

Simple and clear

Monetize your website without impacting your visitors

This is a really useful and wonderful article! Web developers...

Build an Android app with web techs

Nice and interesting way

Have you invested in crypto yet?

I've invested in BTC last year. It grows rapidly and I'm not ...

What annoys you while coding?

Yeah, phone calls are really annoying

Automatically Start Scripts On Launch In VSCode

Idk is it really useful, but rather intersting

Implement Dark Mode On Your Website.

What`s wrong with prefers-color-scheme: dark?

How to use the API!

Really useful article

JavaScript Array Methods Explained with Emojis

Its the most useful guide ever! Im shocked

How to connect your Client side to your Server Side Using Node and Express.

Simple guide. Thank you

The 5 best open-source form builders to add to your tech stack in 2021

Good one

7 interesting HTML attributes (you may not know)

Pretty useful tags in huge and complicated projects. Thanks a...

3 Steps to Frictionless TDD with Jest and VS Code

Useful feature with terminal

How my dev tool did $16,285 in sales last month

Absolutely fantastic story. Thank you very much for the detai...

Examples for reversing a string in JavaScript, Python and Dart

Really modern way to solve this problem

Building a portfolio

As a team leader, I can say that it is important to demonstra...

Web Development Bad Habits to Kick

As a professional developer and a team leader, I think that i...

Chrome extensions: Local storage

Pretty nice and useful guide, thanks a lot

The free mobile apps that will finally allow you to learn code πŸš€

IMHO SoloLearn doesn`t give you enough information and fundam...

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How do programmers love to code?

Music or video in the background is the best way to code prod...

How often do you update your personal website?πŸ‘€

I've got my own website. There are some web services that I`v...