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Discussion on: Stop Using YAML

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Like any language it will have it's idiosyncrasies, my recommendation would be to learn them and internalize them, and then they won't distract you as much, they'll stop being a pain point.

That said, "the right tool for the job" rule suggests that calling out to a shell script might be the right thing for anything more complex and a simple command.

Significant whitespace and ampersands-for-macros doesn't a bad language make.

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Jesse Phillips Author

I feel like you didn't internalize my arguments. Calling out to a shell script for more complex things is exactly what I was doing.

Needing to internalize all of yaml in order to use it was kind of my point. YAML looks easy and human friendly, but rather than learn a few things which are common across most any language (strings use quotes and thus quotes need escaped, and thus escaping needs escape). No you need a to know a very special language. So why not instead internalize a simple, but annoying language?