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Discussion on: What should I do when I get hit on by colleagues?

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George Marr

That's really horrible to hear, I'm sorry you have encountered this.

I would tell the user that your relationship is strictly work based and you're not looking for anything more. If the person doesn't get the message I'd say go to someone higher up in your department like your boss or your HR department, especially if it becomes a problem that is affecting your work.

It may cause tension between the work place with you and the employee(s) in question, however this is something no one should have to deal with at their place of work.

If in the unlikely event that your boss and HR can't do anything, if it comes to the point where it continually happens, it's affecting you and your work then there is no shame and nothing wrong with leaving the company. I've written an article about being happy in your work place (

Best of luck, hope this will get sorted for you!