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Ah the work place, the place we meet new people some we like some we don't like and the place that makes us money. But there's one thing in the work place that I commonly see people forget about. And that's your happiness sometimes in a work place it can make us feel miserable for many reasons. But it's something you don't have to put up with being in a place that makes you feel sad is somewhere you shouldn't be.

There has been a couple of places and teams that I worked in that made me feel miserable but I was too afraid to leave. I didn't want to leave because I felt like it would make my history look bad, it wouldn't look good in the perspective of new employers looking. But in the end it turned out differently, in my latest interview they had why I left one of the teams, I told them what had happened and they just agreed that a person shouldn't be in that type of environment.

What happens if you're in a place that's making you uncomfortable?

Well there's a few things I generally try to do. Initially if there is a team leader speak with them bring up your concerns and take it from there. After all one of the team leaders job is to make sure that the team members are happy. Now this has happened to me a few times, and every time the team leader has always sorted it out for me and the others. But in the case it doesn't happen it doesn't mean you should stay there it is all on you, if it makes you uncomfortable, unhappy you're all in your right to leave it.

Is there a bad side to leaving somewhere you're unhappy in?

Yes and no. Generally it depends on the reason you leave. There is a lot of reasons for leaving and it depends on how your employer or team leader sees it. Going into a new place after leaving there is a chance that they may contact your former employer regarding why you left, majority of the time I've found that they agreed with the reasons of leaving. I always tell a lot of people that "We never know what the future may bring us" the future is full of surprises, we take it as it comes.

Final message

There is no shame in this, none at all. At the end of the day you have to do what what you need to do to make yourself happy. If other people are going to complain about it then fine, then that's their problem not yours. Your happiness is always key.

I'd love to hear what you guys have to say :D

Also one final thing who doesn't love a cute little puppy?
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Sohail Nasir • Edited

Reminds me of my last job, even though I was working on some really nice stuff, the structure was not there at all, I became the only developer in a short space of time as everyone else quit. I was afraid of quitting as it would screw over the company and would make me look bad, I did talk to my manager, he was a nice guy wanting to help but couldn't promise anything, before I started looking for a job he gave me a pep(ish) talk which basically was "I know things are horrible here, they won't get better, I hope you stay". I knew that I needed to go but before I did I basically made a vow to get some decent developers who didn't mind this environment and then leave, so I wouldn't feel guilty when I handed in my notice. That's pretty much what I did and I feel that I left with some grace.

I agree there is no shame in leaving, the world is your oyster.

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Jess Lee

Couldn't agree more.