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Discussion on: My Experience with Pair Programming

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Raúl Ávila Author

In the last couple of years I've worked mainly in the backend world. Interesting story, changing the way somebody has been doing things for years is not easy. How long did you tried pair programming before going back to soloing?

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David Tang

Probably a few days a week for ~2 months. We were working on the same project and tasks were broken out in such a way that there was lots of overlap, so we were sort of forced to work together and pair. A big challenge I found was sometimes my partner would come in earlier and start cranking on tasks and not follow TDD. Lots of changes would be made targeting many tasks instead of focussing on one, resulting in lots of broken tests. Then I would get to work and we'd have to backtrack and fix the broken tests and write news tests after the fact. After the 2 months, I suggested changing the team structure so that we could work on different things at the same time, allowing each of us to use our own workflows.