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Discussion on: What is Microdata?

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For anyone curious what this microdata is for and what it does:

  • Google uses it for tagging page content so it helps with google search results when a page is indexed. It can definitely help your page rankings and google's console shows you the errors to help you understand what needs to be fixed too.

  • Facebook and Twitter [i figure other social media sites] also use this to grab the main image you see when you share a url, and the description text for it as well.

Various other tools use it to clarify what information is present on the page, but it's largely used for search engines and social media.

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James Turner Author

Yep! Google uses structured data like Microdata (in combination with other sources) for the Google Knowledge Panel - the panel that sits on the right of search content which displays things like logos and names for organizations through to mapping information, reviews, ratings for businesses or actors etc for movies.

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