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Arabic Script Identification Program with MATLAB

Patricia Joanne
A designer who codes.
Originally published at ・1 min read

This project was the most difficult from all of the final projects I had made. I didn’t understand anything about this project even though I had already presented it OMG. Our lecturer ordered us to make an artificial intelligence project using MATLAB which had a learning function in it. My team used an old project from Senior Ojan’s team and we made some changes in it. It was an Arabic Script Identification Program.

Even though we used an old project it didn’t make us easily can use it. We didn’t understand how the project worked. When it came for the presentation time, we didn’t show our best. The learning function didn’t work very well. Sometimes it showed right, sometimes it showed wrong. You can check the project here. Thanks to Senior Ojan’s team too for the program.

We were too stupid to recognize that there were a lot of open source MATLAB programs in the internet. Other teams showed good MATLAB programs which were only downloaded from the internet without any changes. Sounds interesting for me if I wanted to take AI as my interest. Let’s forget this project. Just hope my lecturer will give a good score even though we weren’t the best.

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