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Patricia Joanne
Patricia Joanne

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Not For Farting App

I just wanted to thank all members in my Software Development team because I almost did nothing in this project. Thanks to Islam and Shofi who coded the application, thanks to Bening who designed the application and created the presentation, and Ihza, well I didn’t know what he did but I still had to thank him. I was so busy with my GEMASTIK stuffs from the first stage, final stage, even after I won, I still had to do some interview sessions.

Our application’s name is Pret. It is dedicated to people who want to lend and borrow things in the neighborhood. People who borrow things should pay for some money if the lender asks for it, usually it’s just for insurance to make sure the things are not broken. The name of our application was derived from Prêt in French which meant “lending” in English. It sounded weird for Indonesian because it’s like farting sound but whatever.

Are you asking if the application is ready to use or not? Haha, it’s not. But as a final project this was the best that we could do. Here’s some screenshots of the application. For the source code, please go to this Github repository.

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