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Diseases Diagnosis and Patient Rooms Analysis in Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung

Before telling the data warehouse project, I want to tell the condition of this project compared with the Soft Computing project. I worked on this project along with Shofi as my teammate. The lecturer of Data Warehouse and Soft Computing was Mrs. Intan. Mrs. Intan liked paper a lot, that’s why both of these projects required a paper to be submitted. Yesterday was the paper submission of Soft Computing project and the exam day. It was also the exam day of Data Warehouse but the paper submission was today, that’s why the story of this project is told a day after it. In case you didn’t notice, the date that I took as the posted date of each project that I’ve done was always the presentation or the submission day.

Okay, let’s get to the story. To be honest this title is too long. I hate the title but I don’t know how to make it short. As the title said, this project is about Diseases Diagnosis and Patient Rooms Analysis in Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung.

This project was already announced as a final project of this subject for a long time, even when we started this semester. During this semester, Shofi and I changed the topic several times and finally we decided to use this hospital topic. Although there were already too many teams using the hospital as the topic, luckily no one talked about the disease diagnosis and patient rooms analysis. Every week, we had to report the progress of the project to the lab assistants. That’s why we didn’t really have a bad time doing this project rather than the Soft Computing project.

Data Warehouse is kinda similar with Soft Computing, it required a dataset. But for this project, we made the dataset by ourselves. Yes, the dataset was random and more like a sample data. We only needed to make some OLAP results like ROLLUP, DRILLDOWN, etc. for this project. The only thing that I hate from this project was the process of making the dataset. I literally typed one by one without any generator. The rest of it such as making the OLAP results was not really difficult. We were already taught well by Mrs. Intan and the lab assistants. The exam which we did yesterday wasn’t difficult as well, and mostly the questions were about our Data Warehouse project. I just didn’t understand why we had to submit the paper a day after Soft Computing. I wished Soft Computing was the last project rather than this project 🙃

Anyway, check this project in my Github as always! Thanks!

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