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Patricia Joanne
Patricia Joanne

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Here comes the project that made my life hard along with the Software Development 1 project. The lecturer of these subjects were Mr. Erick but I really didn’t feel that we were taught enough by him. I felt bad towards him because he had to handle two difficult subjects with big final projects.

Enough with the introduction. This time I want to share my Human-Computer Interaction project. Although the subject’s name looks cool but in fact we didn’t get taught anything besides VR and AR stuff. That’s why the final project is also about VR apps, specifically VR games.

I teamed up with the same team with Software Development 1 team, which were Rifqy and Raihan. The VR game that we made was a perspective training game. Simply, we had to find a path to get to the next level. It was Raihan’s idea and Rifqy came up with the G-Cube name. This VR game was built using Unity and Blender software.

I had to admit that most of the project making was done by Raihan. I didn’t understand a single thing about Unity. I supported on doing the designs and some 3D assets (which were not used).

I don’t know anything to say, and as always I share the project in my Github. Please fork us if you think it’s good!

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