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re: That was really awesome. I remembered my days, somewhere in 2004 when I had just searched online, how can you code a computer(I was like 15 years o...

Thanks Amrut. My only regret is not discovering software development earlier!


Hi, as you said "would spend all night writing my websites in Notepad" at ~16y.o, with dBase (database) knowledge before (10y.o). I think those were great starting point for software development.
I don't know why a-Delphi-hello-work become "Eureka" ten year later...

I guess I just didn't know how to move forward from making websites, I did make some money but I just didn't know how to translate that into a career. Also, about dBase, I was kid, different times (Around 1995), so it was more of learning stuff just for fun, but nonetheless, it's a great point you making.

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