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Discussion on: What If Swift Didn't Exist?

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Hi Kim,

let me add a disclaimer: I know nothing about mobile development so I might be saying stuff that doesn't make sense :D

I read something about the biggest issue of bringing Swift to Android being that it can only talk to the Android NDK which is not exactly "primo" software.

By the power of Google I also just found out you can use Kotlin on iOS:

Either option would probably help companies that have to rewrite the core business logic of their apps twice because of these two silos. I see it done by clients of mine, they have bugs, that could be totally avoided, in either one of the two apps because they have to write the same functionality twice by different teams.

The dream probably would be to have a core team of devs trained in either Kotlin or Swift to write the core of the app and then a specialized team to "wire" the core to the UI.

Does it make sense?

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Kim Arnett  • Edited

Sure, I'm not a fan of shared codebase because it usually results in one platform getting the short straw in some way shape or form.

But there is a lot of power available, and I'm excited to see how both languages evolve. It would be great if Apple and Google could get along to make something like one language work seamlessly on both platforms.. but Apple doesn't play nice, so I'm sure it'll only ever be accommodated by 3rd party work around which usually end up pretty hacky.

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Yeah, I think Apple and Google getting along on this might be science fiction. On the surface neither company benefits from making the two platforms interoperable.