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I fell into games because I loved playing them, and because there are just so many cool problems in this field. From path finding, to networking, AI, data compression, animation, rendering, etc. - the problems are almost endless.

I've always wanted to be more independent. Working corporate gigs is good to help build your early career, but they are more risky than most people think. I no longer like working with just one company, because doing so puts you at risk of getting laid off, or the company going under, corporate politics, etc. I like to spread my risk around multiple companies, in case any one company doesn't work out. One of my goals is to have a small set of companies that we can work with over time on cool projects, like working at Valve but out in the real world vs. a tiny office in Bellevue.

Also, I've been working on improving the market for data compression software since around 2009. I've always wanted to have a product of my own. I first started writing open source software (like LZHAM, crunch, miniz) at night after work, to help establish the market and improve our credibility. Now we've transitioned more into a product company, using this software as a base to build upon.

On expanding, it could happen but right now we're happy staying small.

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