Introducing the new kid on the block, React hooks

Ruben on March 11, 2019

original post @ Linguine Blog React hooks is the new kid in the block in the React community. React hooks help new React engineers to better un... [Read Full]
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"...because of how much lower the barrier to entry level has become." Isn't this a good thing? Barrier should be as low as possible!


Yes, it is a good thing! And I know that if I was learning something new, I'd want there to be little to no friction as possible.

I believe I was a bit annoyed about how much time I put into learning about React patterns, and when to use classes versus functional components.

The stuff I learned over the time is not a waste of time, but it felt like that for a bit. I'm just human :)


You know what, I understand what you mean now. You are frustrated because you wished it was that easy when you had to learn about classes vs. functions. Sorry for some reason I read it as a "gatekeeper" kind of thing. My bad!

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