iOS 14 - Biggest announcements made by Apple

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Apple started its annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2020 on 22nd June 2020. In general, this particular conference takes place in the month of March every year. It was hosted online this year since it was delayed due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

iOS 14 is the biggest announcement at WWDC 2020
iOS 14, the new edition of iOS, has been rolled out to iOS app development programmers in preview mode from 22 June along with a beta release that is planned sometime during July.

App Library – Users should be able to classify their applications with App Library which are spread on separate home screen pages. You can pick the number of pages you need to search in the home screen and then classify the remainder of the applications as Recently Added, Suggestions, as well as other folders. You also can check for such applications using the search tool provided, where you’ll see each alphabetically enlisted application.
Widgets – iOS 14 offers several widgets which you can also display on the main screen. Clicking the Widget Gallery feature will help you to customize them. To search for any related application, click the Smart Stack link, and this will depend on what time it is.
iMessage – Today users should pin their messages so as not to get lost while chatting. You may address a particular message when conversing in a community and list others as well. Features are now introduced in iOS 14 to choose various ages as well as new Memojis with specific hairstyles, facial filters, skin colors, and expressions such as fist bumps, kisses, and embraces.
Translate App – These will enable Siri to convert what you’re saying into 11 languages that include English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and much more. You can perform the translation offline, too. Siri is 20 times more conscious of reality than before, as per Apple. You can now also ask Siri to send out an audio clip too.

Apple CarPlay – Apple CarPlay is going to help you alter the wallpaper on your in-car device. You can unlock the vehicle by simply clicking on your iPhone. Simply place the gadget on the charging pad and turn the car’s start button on. Their key can be shared by the users via iMessage. The 2021 BMW 5 Series has been declared by Apple to be the best-known vehicle to support CarPlay.

Apple Maps – An innovative feature named Apple’s Guide will help users locate astounding places around them by showing other users’ latest suggestions. Cycling directions would be introduced to the Apple Maps so that users can view traffic on the roads, bike lanes, and paths, as well as advancement data.

App Store – Apple has announced App Clip to automatically download only one aspect of the program when you need it. Your original authentication and credit card information are filled in via Apple Login and Apple Pay. This package will be no more than 10 MB in size.

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