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Discussion on: The state of JVM desktop frameworks: introduction

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Rob Grimm

Thanks for this quick introduction of desktop frameworks for the JVM. It really brings my mind to other things that were related, even though I know they're out of scope for your series. For example, remember Microsoft's ClickOnce runners? Those seem to be the .NET equivalent of Java Web Start. As I recall, Microsoft even tried to deploy some older versions of the Microsoft Office suite with ClickOnce runners.

Also, I'd be interested to get your take on the base Android UI framework (WindowManager+SurfaceFlinger) as another "desktop" framework, especially with the Chromebook/ChromeOS capability to run Android apps or features like Samsung DeX. Technically, Android isn't using the JVM (Dalvik/ART instead), but it seems to present a similar choice to developers: HTML-based app for the browser vs. Android app to run Java code locally on users' machines.

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Nicolas Frankel Author

I must admit my ignorance of the Microsoft ecosystem or the other technologies you mention. You might check this post about Jetpack Compose for Desktop for slightly Android-related approach.