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re: Why I don't use Bootstrap anymore. VIEW POST


I get where you're coming from. I'm with you... I don't like Bootstrap's bloat and always find an alternative/roll out my own.

But this post is so very highly opinionated so much that it can be misleading to make people think Bootstrap is BAD. It's a tool, like a hammer or a shovel. They both can dig a hole... only one is more painful than the other.

Choosing Bootstrap is often a project preference, not a personal one.

I've built quick landing pages and I've built giant enterprise front-ends. For quick landing pages, of course I'm going to avoid Bootstrap and roll out my own systems. But for enterprise software with multiple designers, I'm going to use bootstrap so we have a unified language to communicate with.

They're just tools. And this post is picking a side and creating division for no reason.


Yeah! I did my best to try and not come across like I hate Bootstrap and I think is the worst thing ever created. I agree on you on everything you said. There a lot of ways to do the same thing

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