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Discussion on: try Scheme instead of JavaScript for UI

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Rodion Gorkovenko Author

Thanks! Never heard of this, very interesting!

Though at first glance - it requires compilation, isn't it so? This makes solution a bit less handy, like "Go to JS compiler" - though I'm sure one can get used to it :)

Also it seemed for me Clojure is more syntax and feature rich dialect of LISP (while Scheme is rather minimalistic). I failed to advance far in it at first attempt years ago. I'll try again, thanks! :)

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Ben Lovy

Yes and yes, both great points. You indeed compile CLJS to JS, it uses the Google closure compiler under the hood. This is both a pro and a con - it's nice that what you ultimately ship is just plain ol' ES5 JS, but you do need a build step. The lisp is just for the developer.

Scheme is also much more minimal than Clojure. They do have different design goals. I like Clojure's built-in fancy stuff, the rich set of data types alone is a selling point over Scheme for me. There is objectively more language, though, so it depends on your goals and personal taste.