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Discussion on: 10 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Starting a New Job As a Software Developer.

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Sandor Dargo

That's totally right!

  1. That's why assign a mentor to everyone. Even for senior people. They might not need help with the tech, but they do need help with finding their ways around.

  2. That's how I opened in the team where I am now. Proposing changes over changes over changes. I know not everyone liked them, but many of those changes were accepted and helped the team to become better and more efficient. After all, who disliked the changes have all left, and the changers (I'm not alone) we are still there and we actively shape the future.

  3. I completely agree. I don't sign up to find new friends, I sign up for work. In working hours. If I happen to make new friendships, even better, but if a company want team events, it should be organized in working hours. I wrote more about this here.