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Discussion on: Who is hiring? (As of October 2018)

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Sandor Dargo

Amadeus | Software Engineer, Production Definition Analyst, QA Analyst | Nice (France), Boston, MA (USA), London (UK), Sydney (AU), Bengaluru (India)... | On Site

Amadeus is the leading provider of travel software and technology solutions for the global travel industry.

We have lots of products, but the main one is still or Global Distribution System for airlines. Besides we provide solutions for airports, hotels, car rental companies, cruises, etc.

We are looking to hire 500 people this year, so there is a lot of different positions basically all around the world.

If you want to work for Amadeus you'll mostly need C++ or Java knowledge at you'll work on huge distributed systems running on Linux OS.

Why work for us? It's a huge company, you'll always find interesting projects, areas that you can improve, where you can improve.

And don't forget, our biggest development center is on the French Riviera halfway between Nice and Cannes. The weather is stunning, the Mediterranean sea is here and the closest ski station is just 50 kilometres away. You'll also benefit from 6 (in practice about 7) weeks of paid holidays + bank holiday - in France, this varies in other countries.

There is a great relocation package that can help you move here.

How to apply?

Search for a position here, then send its title and your CV to me in a private message. I might be able to send you a referred link, which will help you to get contacted by our HR with a higher chance. Feel free to ask in case you have any questions!