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Who is hiring? (As of October 2018)

This is our monthly thread where community members share openings at their companies.

Here a few ground rules:

  • Please only post if you are personally part of the hiring company (no recruiting firms)
  • Please provide brief background on what your company does
  • Only one post per company (you can list multiple openings in the post)

Consider using this template:

Company Name | Job Title | Location | Remote or Onsite | (optional) Salary Range | Sponsor visa?

About the company — background, size, etc (1-3 sentences)

About the role(s) — languages, requirements, etc (1-3 sentences)

Do you sponsor visas?

How to Apply — email or application link

We also wanted to share some quick careers-related notes from our fantastic Sustaining Sponsors.

Digital Ocean

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The Twilio platform enables companies to integrate communications directly into their applications via simple cloud API’s and with on-demand global reach. Great products are built by small teams that work hard, think smart, and move fast. Twilio is hiring across a wide variety of roles, check out all of the openings here.


At Qlik, we love data and believe it can change the world. That’s why we work to make it easier for people to make more insightful decisions and act on them. Our platform delivers solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting to approximately 48,000 customers worldwide. If you love data too, we are hiring across technical and engineering roles. Check out our openings here!

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Ben Halpern

Hey folks! The DEV Team is looking to bring on a couple contractors. (We went live with the listing a couple weeks ago but are really only beginning the process now. Apologies for the initial delay)

DEV Community | Senior Contractor | Brooklyn, NY | Remote or Onsite | Contract Work

We are a small company trying to do big things in software development. 99% of our code is open source. We strive to give our developers a lot of autonomy in their work and pick projects that interest them.

We have two roles:

Senior Engineering Contractor

This is a general web development position. We're looking for folks with abilities to contribute to our backend (Rails) or our JavaScript frontend, or both.

Senior iOS Developer Contractor

We are specifically looking for someone to help us get our iOS app launched soon.

These are contractor roles. We welcome full or part-time contributors if the fit matches if we can afford you!

If you are not in a position to do true contract work, but may want to work with us in the future, you're welcome to contribute to the open source project and develop a relationship with us.

Happy coding! ❤️

rockarts profile image
Steven Rockarts

Taking a look at it. Filed some bugs and will look into them. I understand why you guys went with the approach you did (webviews leveraging the existing framework) but one of the problems I see with this approach is it can be harder for Swift devs to contribute because now we have to be familiar with the Javascript/web framework in order to make a meaningful contribution.

rockarts profile image
Steven Rockarts

Cool! I didn't know you guys had an open source iOS app.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

It's still a work-in-progress, but any help appreciated, whether a casual contribution or applying for some contract work 😄

Thread Thread
gameoverwill profile image
Wilfredo Pérez

Hey Ben, when I have time, I can look at the repo. I don't know a lot IOS but I have all the tools necessaries to work on.

I hope I can collaborate with. Would be great!!!

striderhnd profile image
Erick Gonzales

Taking a look at the iOS role, hope to know a little more soon!

theoutlander profile image
Nick Karnik

I assumed you guys might have filed the role since I never heard back with a yay or nay. I submitted over two weeks ago.

spirodonfl profile image
Spiro Floropoulos

I've submitted a while ago too. Nothing.

Thread Thread
ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Yeah, we’re only getting to this now. Sorry about the delay.

Thread Thread
spirodonfl profile image
Spiro Floropoulos

No worries. You guys are probably run off your feet. Good luck on the hunt!

sergiodxa profile image
Sergio Daniel Xalambrí • Edited


My employer, Able, is hiring Senior Software Engineer to work onsite at Lima, Perú or Remote

Able builds technology products in a portfolio model. We’ve built products in a variety of industries. Everything from media to finance to toys to healthcare. Sometimes we work with management teams to help their businesses grow faster or unlock value using technology. Other times we start or buy businesses outright. Each time, we look for opportunities to leverage technology built at the portfolio-level to drive value faster.

Some perks:

  • Working from home open policy
  • Flexible work hours
  • Competitive salary
  • A MacBook to work with
  • Payroll (bonus on July and December, CTS and vacations)
  • English classes
  • Health insurance
  • Complimentary lunches
  • Snacks
  • Benefit reimbursements
  • Annual reevaluation of base compensation
  • Annual variable compensation based on individual and company performance

We can help with the move to Lima, Perú.

We are searching for Frontend and Backend roles


What will be expected of you

  • Build scalable client-side applications with JavaScript and tools such as React and Redux.
  • Apply your experience and knowledge of best practices to optimize applications, improve performance, and ensure responsiveness and cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility
  • Develop and exercise your understanding of UX & UI design best practices
  • Transform design prototypes into views with HTML5/CSS3, and tools like SASS and other preprocessors.

What we are looking for

  • You have a passion for collaborative problem solving and the willingness to challenge, debate and form relationships with team members
  • You know what you don’t know, you have no problem admitting it, and you’re eager to do whatever it takes to address that gap
  • You have a desire to improve Able’s product development practices and the experience to follow-through on implementation


  • 5+ years professional experience as a software engineer or equivalent
  • Thorough and up-to-date knowledge of JavaScript
  • Sufficient HTML and CSS skills to be able to work with designers to transform prototypes
  • Experience building modern, responsive and interactive web applications using frameworks such as React
  • Professional proficiency in written and spoken English

To apply:


What will be expected of you

  • Build scalable server-side applications as well as RESTful APIs with Ruby and the Rails framework.
  • Work with front-end developers to built together full-stack applications.
  • Develop effective, idiomatic and well-cared code solutions to meet requirements and challenges.
  • Apply your experience and knowledge of best practices to optimize applications, improve performance, and ensure responsiveness
  • Use test-driven development paradigm to build secure and confident software

What we are looking for

  • You have a passion for collaborative problem solving and the willingness to challenge, debate and form relationships with team members
  • You know what you don’t know, you have no problem admitting it, and you’re eager to do whatever it takes to address that gap
  • You have a desire to improve Able’s product development practices and the experience to follow-through on implementation


  • 5+ years professional experience as a software engineer or equivalent
  • Thorough and up-to-date knowledge of Ruby/Rails
  • Understanding of MVC architectures and databases such as PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Professional proficiency in written and spoken English

To apply:

We also have a few more open roles you can check at

evanjrichard profile image
Evan Richard

Hi, everyone! My employer, Algorand, has open job postings of many kinds. I'm not here in an official capacity, rather I'm just a new engineer there and I know they have other roles open. So, I recommend checking out the hiring page at for the most accurate and up to date information. I'll take a whack at filling out the recommended template, too:

Algorand | Senior DevOps Engineer, Algorithm Researcher (All Levels), Software Engineers (All Levels), Cryptography Engineer, Cryptography Research Engineer, Senior Financial Software Engineer, Programming Language Researchers (All Levels), Executive Assistant | Boston, MA | Remote possible sometimes, I think | Salary Range: Various | Sponsor visa? I'm not sure, check specific job postings

About the company — Algorand is a cryptocurrency platform and a company in Boston.

About the role(s) — Various

Do you sponsor visas? I'm not sure.

How to Apply — The landing page at has a link to each of the postings themselves and more details for applying. Basically, you send an email and resume to careers at algorand.

Thanks, everyone! I'm happy and excited to join the community, I hope this first contribution is helpful.

patricia_dugan profile image
patricia_dugan • Edited


Containous, creator of Traefik| Developer Advocate | U.S. | Remote| Sponsor visa? No.

About the company — Containous develops advanced software solutions for companies committed to using container technologies. Our first product, Traefik, is an open source cloud native edge router, with over 300 contributors, 250 million downloads on DockerHub, 18,000 stars on GitHub, and an active and supportive global Slack channel.

About the role — Comfortable coding and hacking on Docker and Kubernetes in an enterprise environment. Experience with Rancher, Mesos, and other technologies that Traefik integrates with. More information on the job found here.

Do you sponsor visas? Not at this time.

How to Apply — Please apply here

goodforenergy profile image
Helen Durrant

Hospital IQ | Frontend Engineer (see end of post for other roles) | Boston or Remote (your choice) | No visa sponsorship

Hello lovely community! I'm searching for the next member of my frontend team at Hospital IQ. We're a small team of 100% remote engineers who work closely together to build a top quality product.

Being mostly remote we tend to travel around the place, and timezones aren't an issue - so long as you have a good internet connection and are able to make our scrum meetings we don't mind where you work from.

About Hospital IQ

Hospital IQ is a passionate, agile team of accomplished leaders with a mission: improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare for everyone. We’re taking the best operations management science has to offer and codifying it in an innovative software platform hosted in the cloud.

About the role

We’re looking for a developer with a pixel-perfect mindset and knack for building intuitive user interfaces with compelling visualizations. In this role, you will lead UI development efforts of major features all the way from concept to deployment. This includes meeting with customers to review and refine mockups, and collaborating with backend engineers on API design.

You can read more and apply here, or send your resume to Mention you found this on!

Lastly.. If the frontend engineering role doesn't appeal but the company does, check out our other open positions.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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jacobboudreau profile image
Jacob Boudreau

Hey Everyone!

STORD is hiring a couple roles, all visible on our AngelList, but primary roles for engineering we're looking for are:

STORD | Full-Stack Rails Engineer, Front-End Software Engineer | Atlanta | Onsite | Salary Range: varies per role |

STORD connects hundreds of warehouses through software to help companies around the globe better distribute their products at scale.

STORD is a rapidly growing tech company that is disrupting the warehousing and distribution industry. STORD sells warehousing and distribution in third party warehouses across the US, and provides the software to make the facilities operate with a modern customer experience. Utilizing port-centric warehouses and regional fulfillment centers we have a warehousing footprint that helps leading brands and growing startups warehouse and distribute their products.

Based in Atlanta, STORD operates with warehouses across the US and Canada and the company's investors include Susa Ventures, Dynamo, Rise of the Rest with Steve Case, Engage Ventures, and the Founder of Internet Security Systems (acquired by IBM for $1.3B).

The Positions:

We are looking for a talented and fast-paced engineer with 4+ years experience to join our team and assist with product expansion.

STORD engineers work alongside the CTO and current engineering team to continue to improve and scale our software; you'll fully own entire features and influence the specs, build out/modify the back-end (if Rails position) and front-end of React.js (if Front-End role), and own on-going improvements for a product rapidly impacting the entire warehousing industry. Each member of the team has the ability to impact all aspects of the development process from ideation, design, delivery, maintenance, and operations.

What you'll do:

  • Own what you build as you architect, test, and iterate new features to the STORD platform
  • Work across the company to understand customer and vendor pain points, come up with solutions, and then prototype, iterate, and launch daily
  • Be surrounded by smart, driven individuals who are passionate about doing their best work and loving every day
  • Solve a wide variety of technical challenges as well as supply chain challenges that have yet to be solved

What we're looking for:

  • Passion for building the highest-quality software that delights the user
  • Flexibility to move quickly with a startup
  • Extensive experience working on production-level code with Rails
  • Appreciation of a test-driven and code-review culture
  • Experience turning wireframes into production-level features
  • The ability to write clean, reliable, and highly maintainable code
  • The drive to solve problems

Bonus Points:

  • Previous startup experience
  • Experience working with React Native
  • Previous logistics or supply chain experience


  • Competitive salary and comp structure
  • Health benefits
  • Free gym membership
  • Generous, flexible parental leave
  • Fun, caring team and culture + Office Snacks

If you are interested in the position, please apply via AngelList and let us know you found us here, or shoot us a quick email at for the fastest response.

P.S. I'm the CTO at STORD, so if you have any questions about the company, the roles, or what we're building, feel free to message me.

jarredt profile image
Jarred Taylor

Volt Athletics is hiring for multiple engineering positions in Seattle, WA.

  • Backend Engineer (Rails)
  • Frontend Engineer (React Native, AngularJS)
  • QA Engineer

You can find all the details on our jobs page.

Here's our blurb:

Volt Athletics Inc. is a Seattle-based sports tech company that brings professional-level sport performance training to athletes and teams worldwide. Volt’s proprietary Intelligent Training System leverages decades of proven strength and conditioning research and science to build hyper-personalized training plans delivered through an intelligent training system.

A key difference between Volt and existing fitness apps is that while most apps track what a user has already done, Volt actually tells the user what to do. Volt’s sport-specific programs are designed for performance training and built by professional strength coaches, adjusting to and growing with the user throughout their training. With Volt, athletes walk into the weight room with their unique training plan, knowing that Volt will deliver the right workout for them, every time.

sandordargo profile image
Sandor Dargo

Amadeus | Software Engineer, Production Definition Analyst, QA Analyst | Nice (France), Boston, MA (USA), London (UK), Sydney (AU), Bengaluru (India)... | On Site

Amadeus is the leading provider of travel software and technology solutions for the global travel industry.

We have lots of products, but the main one is still or Global Distribution System for airlines. Besides we provide solutions for airports, hotels, car rental companies, cruises, etc.

We are looking to hire 500 people this year, so there is a lot of different positions basically all around the world.

If you want to work for Amadeus you'll mostly need C++ or Java knowledge at you'll work on huge distributed systems running on Linux OS.

Why work for us? It's a huge company, you'll always find interesting projects, areas that you can improve, where you can improve.

And don't forget, our biggest development center is on the French Riviera halfway between Nice and Cannes. The weather is stunning, the Mediterranean sea is here and the closest ski station is just 50 kilometres away. You'll also benefit from 6 (in practice about 7) weeks of paid holidays + bank holiday - in France, this varies in other countries.

There is a great relocation package that can help you move here.

How to apply?

Search for a position here, then send its title and your CV to me in a private message. I might be able to send you a referred link, which will help you to get contacted by our HR with a higher chance. Feel free to ask in case you have any questions!

waqardm profile image
Waqar Mohammad

Hey guys, this is a great thread. As a relative newbie or ‘junior’, is anyone aware of any companies looking specifically to support newbies in to their first role as a dev? Apologies if I am commenting in the wrong post.

joshichinmay profile image
Chinmay Joshi

Supahands | Senior frontend developer, Frontend developer, Software engineer | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Onsite | Sponsors visa |

About Supahands
Established in Malaysia in 2014, Supahands is a platform that helps companies train their artificial intelligence with a combination of human-intelligence and tech-enabled automation. Together with a remote workforce of over 2,000 individuals across Southeast Asia, we work with clients in the machine learning industry including self-driving vehicles and facial recognition.

–Frontend developer & senior frontend developer
React, Ember

–Software engineer
Ruby on Rails, Nodejs, Python, AWS, SQL.

Do you sponsor visas?

How to Apply?
You can email me your resume/portfolio on
Apply online on careers page (add my name and in the subject for reference)

plutov profile image
Alex Pliutau

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