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re: Bit of an idiotic statement to make. Maybe you are a low level support developer and your work isn't taxing enough for you to make such sweeping an...

Woah, gonna need a little less edge on that.
What I meant to say is, if you have other problems and responsibilities to deal with (real problems, life problems) than you are going to forget about work problems right moment you step foot over the door.

Yeah if you have problems and responsibilites to deal with, sure.

Is that really "a life?" Just digging yourself out of problems and responsibilities?

Me and many others have a life beyond work, overloaded with my side business, meetups, conferences, shows, etc, and yet we STILL can sometimes not get the code out of our head and it stalls our productivity.

Especially if you work from home. There is no door to step over.

This video and article is for those people :).

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