How to stop thinking about code after work

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I decided to do a video and written version of the same content.

The video is just me free-form speaking about it. While written is more structured.

The written can be found here.

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I know this feeling, I find this hard too and having ideas for side projects doesn't help because I find myself in stuck in this endless loop of wanting to work outside of work plus trying to switch off. I end up not doing anything but watching a movie or something to really get my mind off the code.

How do you deal with side projects outside of work?


it is very hard, especially if your 9-5 code is already pretty intense (deadlines, new features etc).

Other than doing the strategy in this video/writing, I will also sometimes take some zone-out time or take a nap. It's important to listen to your body and also give it some love here and there so you don't burn out.

I schedule my week out ahead of time as well, so i know based on the day what tasks i need to work on. I think i will do an article on that as well actually. Making sure I pre-plan what i will be doing for the day so it's not left up to chance.


No one likes to be the guy that yells at their significant other because they used the word or when they meant and because you’re steeping in an apathetic wasteland of logic.

This one hits hard. Damnit, I've been there before.

Nice writeup and it seems like we've developed a similar routine. Especially the part with the force context switch is great advice for people struggling. I've learned in my days as a traveling consultant (4-5 days at hotels, home at the weekend) to truly disconnect. And the travel actually helped. Since these days are pretty much over right now and I work a lot from home, I've adapted.

  • I don't use my work-machine for anything else than working.
  • Closing that notebook with the knowledge that my work-day is over and I'm heading home now.
  • Use different Wallpapers on my personal machines than the work machine. No reminders.
  • No Slack, No Email on my phone after 6PM (Do not disturb settings are awesome)

I think that's it. So far, it was enough to keep my mind from drifting back to work. But I like your approach with the and i'll try to adapt this to my Note-taking habit.


I think you must write an article on how to start thinking about code when you start work.


ha! thats actually a really good idea! i think i will.


I know the feeling. BTW I have a lot of tips around making this workflow better in VSCode β€” that I shared in course. I am going to make that part available for free soon. I'll try and make a video on it.


I find it relaxing to do some physical stuff that generates a lot op dopamine.
This year I have picked up a fast electric skateboard and go out and about.


Good idea. Going for a run would help me I think.

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easy, get a life.

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Bit of an idiotic statement to make. Maybe you are a low level support developer and your work isn't taxing enough for you to make such sweeping and moronic statements such as this but many developers genuinely struggle to switch off because they are working on such mind boggling tasks. Only a true problem solver would understand this and I believe that is a category you definitely don't fall into.


Woah, gonna need a little less edge on that.
What I meant to say is, if you have other problems and responsibilities to deal with (real problems, life problems) than you are going to forget about work problems right moment you step foot over the door.

Yeah if you have problems and responsibilites to deal with, sure.

Is that really "a life?" Just digging yourself out of problems and responsibilities?

Me and many others have a life beyond work, overloaded with my side business, meetups, conferences, shows, etc, and yet we STILL can sometimes not get the code out of our head and it stalls our productivity.

Especially if you work from home. There is no door to step over.

This video and article is for those people :).

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