Handling Errors in React Components with Error Boundaries

Sarah Chima on February 01, 2018

A React App is usually one big component made up of smaller components. This makes for easy organization of code. A problem arises though when ... [Read Full]
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Everytime you make a to-do app, a bird dies ! haha , so yeah we should use chat, search or what ever in our examples (even though you didn't really make a to do app) , jk
I didn't know we can make an error boundary component, I knew the ComponentDidCatch method but I just used it in a regular component once, as you see I'm a react beginner lol .
Anyway, I liked you article, great as always Sarah :)


Thank you for posting like such a important blog.

Do you know how to show the full component stack like proper component names in production build?
I am not able to print full stacktrace either, it prints the minified names.


Thanks for sharing! Error boundaries are one of my favorite React 16 additions. I did not notice the second argument to componentDidCatch, I’ll check it out!

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