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Last time I used webstorm was 4 or 5 years ago. Currently, I am working with VS Code and a friend lately has been saying that I should try WebStorm and he gives me a list of features that I believe are already in VS Code. Does anyone of you know features that are not built in VS Code?

This week I saw a tweet mentioning that you can now in VS Code visualize upcoming changes before refactoring in order "to be sure that it is correct". I found it actually funny because in Webstorm, refactoring just works, period. It's really a powerful and reliable feature.

Another feature which I found better implemented in Webstorm is Git. Even if you are slick with the GitHub commands, which are seamlessly integrated, it can still helps in case of merge conflicts. The way of resolving these is pretty well handled.

Summarized: Refactoring + Git are really great in Webstorm

Of course the above answer is my humble opinion. Other might see it differently and even I might change my mind with the time. That being said, few times I tried VS Code, these two features were bringing me back to Webstorm.

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