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Create-React-App or Die Tryin'

VSCode: Humble Beginnings

Yesterday, I started tinkering w/ VSCode and managed to learn about some really useful extensions [i.e, Auto Tags, Emmet, and Snippets] Known for configuring every setting on every digital device - this aspect was fun...until we got to the config files for linting 🤯

It's pretty important to have spellcheck/auto-correct/auto-format-on-save stuff, the formulaic editions©, running when working on projects. It really helps you type less to avoid strain and makes the experience much more enjoyable.

😲 OMG now we can focus on the 99 reasons why we Failed to compile 🌶


FFW>> TIL about the complexity of dependencies and how import is akin to linking stuff like Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons in an index.html; oversimplification? Mm..hope not lol. At some point I was able to install:

  • homebrew
  • npm
  • yarn
  • react
  • node-css
  • ???

Tbh, there were just sooo many idr. Will have to check my zsh later for accuracy. It's really tough to get a full list of dependencies/packages w/r/t your project, get comfy w/ your directory (file) structure and configure the respective .rc or .json file.

Oh configs, truly where the journey begins 🧗🏻‍♀️

sdll Decides on a Blog

At this point I had scoured all of YT and 3 search engines on 2 browsers (never mind the IP) to find a 1/2 way decent tutorial. I won't sing my praises just yet; shameless self-promos, vague instructions, the best ones have low video quality, the worst ones post great taglines but are just knock-offs of the good ones >.<"

The difficult part about this: the misinformation about what the best superficial tools are but not exactly how to build anything relevant or structurally sound.

I'm determined, to share my experience w/ others 🚫🧢

Onward we must clack! So far, so good, minus an issue w/ using import to access .scss for my navbar. Stay tuned!

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Dani Guardiola_ • Edited on

You gotta start somewhere :)

Edit: you should seriously consider using MDX for your blog. It's not as out-of-the box as a CMS and you definitely have to take care of some details manually, but it's very powerful and rewarding. It's what I use for mine.

sdll455473r7 profile image
sdll Author

Grateful for the encouragement and resource! I will be sure to try it out soon 😊