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SCSS & React dir Inception

SCSS w/ React for my Navbar

Following a tutorial that is 3-4 months out from the release date of newer pkgs, shows exactly how hard the dev world is pusshin! It's really motivating actually 😆

So I followed this awesome post on Hackernoon! This and some help from the Reactiflux community, really a fantastic group of people! Hopefully I can show my gratitude in future contributions, once we get past our /. ./ typos lol!

In short, react-app would only respond to src/base.scss not src/assets/base.scss while trying to @use 'assets/scss_nav' so we did away w/ the extra dirs and linking which resolved✨

Alt Text

Upon further perusal of the React Docs I found React's method of processing our files (specifically for create-react-app) is quite unique which may be the reason why it didn't process correctly? What do you think?

sdll imagining their directory communicating w/ ours 🤔

At any rate, I am now in the process of learning about React Router. Wish me luck! ⚛️

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Heinek Halwin

Good Luck !

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sdll Author

Thank You! 😊