Yarn: Facebook knitted a blanket for npm

Scala REST API documented with Swagger (Part 1 of 2)

Sebastian G. Vinci

Gotime 800x800

podcast43: Getting Better, Mentoring, and Drawing Gophers with Ashley McNamara

Go Time

Encryption 101 : Introducing the idea of Symmetric Encryption

Joana Chavez

Emulate Print Layout with Chrome DevTools

Rocco Balsamo

The Future of Deep Learning

Kasper Fredenslund

Using Cycle.js to view real-time satellite test data

Jan van Brügge


podcastSpring Boot with Josh Long

Software Engineering Daily

Deploy using docker swarm

Sebastian G. Vinci



Setting up a VM with PHP 7.0, MySQL, Apache 2 and PhpMyAdmin on Ubuntu


React JS Web Site Example (Almost like real life).

Sebastian G. Vinci

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podcast109: The Final Countdown

The Bike Shed

TypeScript Head First


Making a calculator isn’t that easy

Justin Léger

Lessons From Building 2 Chrome Plugins

Kristian Ivanov

Knight's tour solved with Python 🐍

Rodolfo Ferro

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podcastInterview with Chris Albon (Part 1 of 3)

Developer Tea

A Debugging Murder Mystery Dinner

Rachel Bird

Ain't Easy

Michael Lee 🍕

Working Smart: What performance metrics do developers value and when do they feel most productive?

Walker Harrison

How I Lint My Python

Dimitri Merejkowsky


podcast260: Rapidfire 87

Shop Talk Show

Upgrading PostgreSQL from 9.5 to 9.6 on Ubuntu 17.04

Paolo Melchiorre

Syntactical Overkill in JavaScript

K. 👓

Implementing translations


Should I test at the GUI Level or the API Level?

Alan Richardson


podcastAd Fraud In Our Own Backyard with Shailin Dhar

Software Engineering Daily

My @JuliaSetBot: A (python) bot that Tweets fractals. 🤖

Rodolfo Ferro

Headless/API CMS vs Traditional CMS

Roger Jin

Creating Android App Shortcuts

Adam McNeilly

Empathy in Dev and Ops

Chris Dodds

Sse logo 3

podcastEpisode 57: Disliking Management and Difficult Co-workers

Soft Skills Engineering

The guilt of not testing everything

Joseph Jung

Using git bisect

Jason McCreary

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