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The reasons you are joining seem to be the same reasons people joined Medium back then. History repeats itself, there will always be a well-meaning, community-oriented platform interested in your (free) contents. Then watch what happens when they start growing and become popular. It's 2019, if you are a developer there is no reason not to own your contents and set up your own blog -- it literally takes minutes. You can always cross-post if that's your thing (but again, watch what happened with Medium vs. FreeCodeCamp recently).


I know. As I explained in the post that is one reason I choose Dev, as I can write using markdown(I do write everything on my own private Git repo). So if I have to move then I can easily do so using any markdown supported blogging platform (Hugo or some Jekyl based platform). Its just that I like the community aspect I get here which will be difficult if I host my own. But you do make a valid point about cross posting here from my own blog. I'll give it a thought.

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