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Rich did a good job talking about Basis.

What company should you start? :) Well, I just want to highlight how much of an opportunity there is for middleware especially in the engine space.

Basically, what's a problem that companies don't have engineering time or expertise to totally perfect, that would be easier to just buy a solution for? So many things. Engine teams are not that big compared to the amount of problems they run into. AI, networking, all kinds of different rendering issues (font, particles, water, cloth, hair, different kinds of lighting, on and on...), build processes, different kinds of physics issues, so much...

I think the product you should build should be the intersection of what you can do with what customers you have. We originally started Basis because we knew we could do it, and we knew exactly who the customers would be.

So you should find your customers. Network. Talk to people. Build up trust in your abilities. Make a good website, portfolio, tech blog. Find someone who would buy your product. That's the first step!


Thank you both for the responses. I admire how open and helpful you are.

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