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Discussion on: Advice requested for my blogging method

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Seth Lilly • Edited on

Welcome to the community, Mark! As a technical reader, I'd actually prefer your code snippets to be expanded. It's also helpful when search engines pick up your page for reference. Another developer stopping by to see a code example will find it much easier if it's not hidden behind a click function.

Ali Spittel (@aspittel ) just published a post about blogging as a developer, you should check it out:

Good luck with the new blog!

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Mark vd Sman Author • Edited on

Hey Seth,

Thank you for your welcome and feedback! My main concern was indeed whether or not people would rather scan the page and immediately see the code when specifically looking for some solution or if they would be bothered by having a lot of paragraphs being separated by code.
But it does make sense to have it expanded yes.

I do like it for some reason, so maybe I'll find some other use for them in the future (also spent quite some unnecessary amount of time on the spoilers:) )