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Discussion on: Shorter Commutes 🚗 or Work from Home 🏡

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Sunny Golovine

I've been trying to score a WFH gig when Covid happened and forced us all to WFH. I am one of those poeple that hates going into the office. I can see the value in high touch industries where you are meeting with clients and whatnot, but for me I was sitting in traffic every day, all so I can come to the office, be distracted, and get the same things done that I would at home.

But I will concede that my home office is one of the reasons the decision is very easy for me, my setup at home rivals anything I would have in the office, ergonomic chair, standing desk, 4k screen, etc. Furthermore I'm single and with my roommate being at work all day, I have the place to myself. I can see someone with a smaller office and maybe a screaming kids at home would love to return to work right about now.

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Jen Miller

haha, I used to like going into the office.
But since covid and being forced to always work from home....I've grown to love it!

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