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Announcing the Release of Appwrite 0.7 - The Open Source Firebase Alternative


Why do a dark theme is Best than the ordinary one?

I won't code in an IDE that doesn't support dark mode

Gamify! - A Gamified Approach to Named vs Arrow Functions

The comparison with Mario and Luigi, that's amazing🔥🔥. I wish...

Top 10 git commands everyone should know

Me who only knows git push and git pull... 😅

Experiments with Arduino and Hasura

Awesome... I was in search of just somethin like this😍

How to add dark mode in Gatsby + React Project!

Great. Thank you for the post😍😍

My 10 Best VS Code Extensions {2020}

I also use tabnine from codota for Code completion. They say ...

What is the difference between yarn and npm these days?

That's a good comparison😂

Where in the world do you DEV?


What is the difference between yarn and npm these days?

try yarn add express and npm i express You can see the di...

This is my first(and probably last) website

Well, you can try taking a course on UI, CSS, Design stuff li...

3 React Mistakes Junior Developers Make With Component State

3 - This mistake is the most frustrating one until y...

This is my first(and probably last) website

It's awesome how you understood and enjoyed the issues with y...

What are your thoughts on testing and TDD?

I love it when people say about TDD. I also love to use it. B...

What was the first programming language you learned?

HTML😂. Don't kill me I know it's not. But I started with it a...