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Discussion on: Sins of the email

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Mike Skaife

The whole Unsubscribe area is probably the most annoying thing in the entire world (may be overstating it slightly!).

When the link is difficult to find, when you click it but then need to fill in a form and submit that before you're actually unsubscribed, when it says something like 'it may take up to 28 days to remove you' (really, what kind of system is that?!).

I also don't really understand why some organistions make it hard to unsubscribe. If I don't want to receive the emails, then why do you think if you keep sending me them that I'm going to really like your company and want to use your services. As a developer I have a lot more time for a company that has a nice clear, slick, one-click, unsubscribe process.

Maybe it's just me ... I think I need to lie down in a dark room for a bit!

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"Do you really want to unsubscribe?", "Why do you want to unsubscribe?", "Don't you rather want to receive a little less e-mails?" 🤬

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