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Great post, I especially agree with the having a separate place and the task list, both help a lot, to measure and control work time vs leasure time.

On the comment above, there are amazing tips also, but This is so important:
"Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call a coworker! A five-minute call can accomplish thirty minutes worth of Slack messages."

When people don't see what you are saying, misconceptions can happen, since writing does not give the sensation of mood, most of the times if you feel the conversation is being too confused or taking too long, or you already know it's a subject you guys don't agree, do a call!



I absolutely agree with this. If I have a lot to discuss with a colleague, I tend to outline it in an email and then call to discuss it. This gives the call structure - doesn't let me forget something important. And later on, if I wonder on what we agreed upon once read the email/agenda I am quickly reminded.

I also try to add notes on things we settled on since I am managing various types of tasks so they can be easily mixed up if not tracked properly.

Thank you for adding to the discussion! I am really glad you found something helpful in the article and in the comments!

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