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re: Hello Sultan, there is a definite value of asking this question, it tells about their coding skills, problem-solving ability, how to convert though...

Hi Javinpaul,

But thats why developers get certification and degrees and soending a lot of time and $$$ to do it. When you hire a roof contractor do you let them test if they can place shingles properly? Or when you choose a dentist, do you let them test on model teeth before they test yours? Its a shame that the dev community can't come up with better ways to trust devs and test their knowledge on domain drive design, network systems, project configurations, and all the existentials that comprise a project. These types of question are good college exams.. but I just dont see how they are that great for interviews.. its a bit archaic. But it is what it is. I really like your article btw, and don't mean to pick at it like that. Id actually use your samples and tests when I teach programming to my students.

Hello Sultan,
Thanks for your appreciation, yes, you can feel free to use the article for educational purpose. Regarding your question, I agree with you but the irony is that there is a big gap between the interview and the actual work you do. That's why only general skills are tested like learning ability, problem-solving etc. Now companies are moving towards more stringent online coding test where you need to code a scenario based program but still that's far away from what you will do in the actual job.

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