Discussion on: A Guide To Loving Your Terminal

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Holy-Elie Scaïde

I pretty spend my coding life between the terminal and the browser (which is the only things keeping me from going full minimal). I use Neovim as a text editor and even if you can launch commands within it, it' often faster for me to pause it using ctrl-z and resume it afterward with fg. I usually have both Ranger and Neovim open and I can be pretty fast with them (keyboard only). Another thing that helps is using zsh and oh-my-zsh with a few plugins enabled (git, yarn, laravel5, z) which boost my productivity to the roof

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Lazar Author

Funny you talk about going full minimal! Same thing with me, the browser is the only one tying me down as well... or else I would just have a full cli system. lol

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Once I found a fancy function to handle ctrl-z behaviour. As seems that you use zsh and in a similar way, here it is:

fancy-ctrl-z () {
  if [[ $#BUFFER -eq 0 ]]; then
    zle accept-line
    zle push-input
    zle clear-screen
zle -N fancy-ctrl-z
bindkey '^Z' fancy-ctrl-z