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Hi Gang my name is Paul but my friends call me Skydivedad. I made my first Skydive in 1976 as a member of the U.S. Army (Airborne Infantry, HdQtrs HdQtrs 525 Military Intelligence Co. 18th Airborne Corp also known as the Sky Dragons) and have accumulated 2562 Civilian and 86 Military Jumps. I am a Master Licensed Skydiver in good standing by the United States Parachute Association, our governing body here in the States. All my jumps are logged in my log book and verified by signature and license number of a fellow USPA Member/Licensed Skydivers or Pilots who witnessed or participated in the skydive. I have skydives logged in 28 different States, 12 Countries and on 4 different Continents (North & South America, Europe and Asia working on adding Africa). Each and everyone of my skydives (other than the Military Jumps) were Fun and never for money. I learned early on not to mix my Sport and my livelihood. I participated in 2 Skydiving World Record attempts neither of which were successful records but a hell of a lot of fun. World Class Level Skydiving and World/Master Level Programming share many of the same necessary traits such as continuous discipline, ongoing continuous learning & training, a constant stream of new technologies, tools and techniques, a never quit attitude is an absolute must, overcoming fear especially when the aircrafts door is opened at 20,000 feet and you're first out as a floater actually hanging on outside the plane waiting for the green light which you can't see so you rely on your teammates inside (Team work is so important in Skydiving where mistakes doing a 200 MPH head down formation dive can break bones and other such things. This Sport requires a sort of resolve that only comes with experience, which only comes from exiting the aircraft when the light turns green, this is just like the sort of resolve I encounter with the World's top Developers. Developers/Programmers like Skydivers always look to improve and aren't afraid of painful honest self evaluations because they realize it is the only way forward.
(My answer to question number 3 above)

I've been lurking this site for a while now as I'm not much of a joiner (30+ years in aerospace development tends to jade oneself) but after realizing this is a really worthwhile site with a genuine mission to advance my fellow Devs and Programmers I joined as a Patron. My hope is to become a positive and helpful member whenever I can and to realize I gain most by giving most!
All The Best

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