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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!



  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

  3. Or answer this question: what's your favorite non-coding hobby?

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Hello, my name is Luis. I'm from Colombia. I'm an electronic engineer but I love to code. I'm not a pro in this, but I try my best to learn every day. I'm learning Angular 6 right now. My favorite non-coding hobby is perhaps to travel. That's it, thanks a lot.


Saludos Luis!
I'm a developer but I'm in love with embedded dev, embedded Linux, microcontrollers and such (ST32 HAL is beautiful in my opinion!)

Anyways, welcome!


here's one way:

const myFunc = (number) => 
  number === 1 ? 0 : number === 0 ? 1 : null;

// 0

// 1

// null
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Oh yes embedded is most in use this days and grow like multiply as everyone now know streaming even small companies and organisations going for streaming


Hi Sir, Can You answer this question??
Write a vanilla javascript program that returns 0 when input is 1 and 1 when input is 0. Do not use if, for, while, switch, do statements. Write as many implementation as you can think of (minimum 4 ways).


Hello. Well, I think this is it:

f1 = (input) => { return (1+input)%2 };

f1(0); // 1
f1(1); // 0

f2 = (input) => { return (1-input)%2 };

f2(0); // 1
f2(1); // 0

f3 = (input) => { return ~input&1 };

f3(0); // 1
f3(1); // 0

f4 = (input) => { return +!input };

f4(0); // 1
f4(1); // 0

I'm waiting for your comments about it. Thank you.


Nice! :) What kind of projects do you work in as an Electronic Engineer?


Well, nothing exciting. I worked for a medical company for about 7 years, but my job was to install, repair and do maintenance to medical devices. Right now my job is in the management area... kind of boring sometimes, but a job is a job ;)

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hmm.... i need the .. have a example??



My name is Ryan and I'm a systems admin pretending to be a programmer. Looking to learn from others and hopefully give back too! Most of my experience is on the Systems/Ops side, with most of my programming being of the integration/monitoring/back end fun variety.


As a fellow pretender, it's great to see you here, Ryan!


I've just switched back to programming after a 10-15yr stint as a sysadmin - not having to fret about dodgy disk drives or power outages is the main plus point so far ;-)


That sounds like a lot of fun I'm the CEO of a company and I'm not very good at programming the software firm that I developed we have over 300 developers so I don't really have to be good at coding but I have to be good at Concepts and business management but I'm really good at reading people being able to read people is really important in software development and business which is what I excel in I do code for fun with unity and JavaScript. I really should be better at coding but when you have 300 software engineers and you an American company it gives you a lot of clout and imagination to make your ideas come to life rapidly started a game development company with my four Sons because teaching him about business and technology. I thought was really important for what better way to do that than to teach business Concepts and basic development then to make your own games.


Hello Ryan! Great to meet you. What technologies do you use for automation being a sysadmin?



my name is Artur, i'm 16 old and i just beginner from Ukraine.
I cant understand how to start learn programming correctly. Seems like you must be genius of logic to work with it. This feels like i need anyone who can help me to start.
I want to spend all my life in gamedev.
My favorite non-coding hobbies is drawing, writing, 3D modelling and all what can be creative.


Programming can have a steep learning curve. Don't let that discourage you.
For starters:
-Pick ONE language to start with.
-WRITE lots of code. If you don't know what to write, try Project Euler. They have many small puzzles to solve.
-READ other people's code.


What he said, but Euler never helped me much. The reading part is the most important. Pick a good language with friendly users. I like D. Python people tend to get annoyed at newbies frequently. A good thing to start on is recreate an alternative to some closed source proprietary software. And never be afraid to reinvent the wheel.


Programming is a bit confusing in the beginning, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough, just keep practising!


Hello Artur!

Programming is a difficult but rewarding field. Good luck in your learning!

I've been enjoying Exercism lately as a tool to help learn a programming language. You might want to check it out.


Halo Artur, moi emja Paul. Ya izucheniyu po russki no schola militaria nyet Ukraina, särē. Your English is 'khorasho'. I've written a few Computer Science and Programming books (knyhy) Ya zaprosuvanje you to a copy of the nemnogo knyhy I wrote called "Becoming a Programmer" in conjunction with Artech House Publishing. It covers the basics of computer science, data structures and the mathematics necessary to know before writing a single line of code. It's been successfully used at several Computer Programming Summer Camps here in the States aimed at teens your age. It would be much easier to learn programming with these fundamentals understood well first. Yes?
I'd love to give you a copy in PDF just give me your Parents or Guardian's email address and I will send you a link where you can download it.
do pobachennya
Odyn Paul


Hi everyone,

My name is Atta and I am a Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience. I mostly work as a full stack developer in Java, Spring Boot, Angular and Node.js. I would love to explore and contribute meaningfully to dev.to.



My name is David. I work as a Software Engineer on backend servers running Spring Boot. I can't remember how I found out about dev.to but I'm happy to be here and be involved in this community.


Cool! What resources do you use to learn Spring boot framework?


Hi all, I've been coding since 1996 and am currently overwhelmed by the many different frameworks and tech stacks. Even in Python (Why use asyncio instead of concurrent?). Same reason I quit Magic: The Gathering for 15 years when phasing was added after cumulative upkeep and one had to memorize those rules.


I quit Magic too when they kept on adding more and more rules rofl


Fortunately, new rules are now explained on the cards themselves, and many have smartphones to look up rules online.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Ahsan Naveed. I am a 4th year Computing Science student looking forward to exploring this community and learning more from Y'all!



Hello, my name is Aditya. I am from India, currently working in USA. I am working in Quality Assurance field but interested in learning on how to code. I am learning Python and hoping to learn & share a lot in this forum. Thanks!


Hi all,

I am a Front-end Engineer who love to code and develop web apps and websites in ReactJS with an inclination towards creating meaningful components and styling up with Material UI and SCSS (also know many other CSS frameworks ;)


Hi all, my name is Ohad. I've been writing code since I was 13 years old and still consider programming and its various abstractions (logical reasoning, etc) as one of the main tools I use in my life. I started with computer graphics programming in what is known as the Demoscene and in recent history have been building web projects of all sorts and kinds.


Hey welcome to dev.to! How/why did you transition into web development?


Hey Liana, it was a pretty natural thing as more and more of my time as a user moved to using web apps/sites as opposed to then-native apps.


Hi everyone, name's Klyde. Got introduced to this awesome community by reading one of @shan5742 awesome blog! So I'm very new to Web Development, 2 weeks to be precise. HTML+CSS+Bootsrap and a little bit of JavaScript. Currently working on a side project that sends out weekly coding challenges, and building an awesome community of web developers like this one!

On my free time, I just chill and read books or mangas. Pleasure to be here!


Hey man, great to have you here, I'm sure you'll find it very useful! Be sure to check out the mentor program and just get involved as much as possible.


Thanks! Just finished sending it, eager to hear from someone soon!


Hi my name is David and I'm a digital marketer with a longtime fascination with coding that goes back to GW-BASIC in the early 80s. I've always loved automating things, and so today I'm learning Node.js to connect APIs. I've been involved the open source community for more than 10 years. My favorite non-coding hobby is motorcycling. It's great to be here!


Sounds great! I'm also learning Node.js. 10 years in open source community? Amazing!


Hello everyone! I am Enky! I found this app through Github. I think it looks fantastic and I am really eager to contribute to this community! I am studying machine learning and I normally code in Python, but I am learning Javascript on the side. I am mainly interested in machine learning, game development and web development. Open source projects really fascinate me and I really want to contribute to one and start getting that experience.

Nice to meet you guys all! :)


happy to have you here! yes, open source is one of the finest ways to learn real-world programming


Hi, I'm Suhel, from India. I'm a software engineer, working as an Android developer. I'm experienced in NodeJS, VueJS, iOS(Swift), MongoDB and some others. I just love learning new technologies in every field and try to implement them. I love driving, talking, being creative, discussing about new ideas. I hope to add some value here.


Welcome aboard Suhel. Having you here already adding value. I'm sure others would love to hear your personal experience with the technologies you mentioned.


Hello my Name is Rushikesh, i am a college student and blogger as well as admin of online activities of my class and friends.
I feel better to help other and solve the problems :)
I work with php, java, mysql, oracle, mssql, linux and hacking (pentesting)


Hello Devs! My name is Jose Antonio. I'm from Tandil a village in the center of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a student of Systems Engineering. My interests as a developer are broad, from design and implement nice looking interfaces to solving algorithmic problems. I've worked in Web Development for the past 5 years and I hope to be able to share my dev travels and hear yours!



Hi Dev's

Gireesh Kademani here, soo called Software Engineer(Gopher) with over 2+ year of experience, i work mostly on 'GO' and C# for most of bank applications for forex.

Learning, Exploring and Sharing is the moto of life.


Great having you Gireesh. Why you say so-called?


Been working in the IT business since 2001 but never felt too confident to share my knowledge with the rest of the community. Started out programming cash registers using proprietary software, dipped my toes into .NET on my next job when it first came out but the next couple of years were mostly building webforms (just forms!) so not that exciting. Tried to go into consultancy next to experience newer things but, except for 1 excellent job (before I went on a world trip), never really got me anywhere until I found my current (fixed) job. Assisted in introducing .NET MVC into the company, been able to learn on the job and applying the latest in tech, project after project... Azure, JS frameworks as Knockout and Vue, self-hosted services... Always after extensive research about whether we could/should use it or not, creating a fond knowledge about different kinds of things, resulting in enough confidence to start sharing stuff. Hopefully, this will last as other (skilled) developers will eventually review the things I will write :)

PS: About my favorite non-coding hobby. That would be ice-hockey, active as a goalie and passive as a crazy San Jose Sharks fan.
PPS: I'm Belgian!


Welcome Kevin. Yes, it's me. Your colleague.😊


Then I'm glad I only said positive things about my current job :D


Hi. My name is Vinod and I am from Bangalore, India. I am a freelance developer, consultant and a trainer. I teach software to corporate companies and via online means. I share my classroom code via github (github.com/kayartaya-vinod/) and have some tutorials at my website (vinod.co).

These days, mostly my trainings are on Reactjs, Angular, Java and Python.


Cool! I believe people learn a lot when teaching. Good luck to you!


I have worked as a Network Technician for the past 6 years - from working at an internt café to medium-sized firms. I've studied almost everything completely by myself. Aside from networking, I learnt about WordPress development which landed me contracts with individuals and startups. I've developed almost all sites for free with the aim of sharpening my skills.

I've set out to move beyond my comfort zone, taking coding seriously, thereby becoming a full-stack web developer! I'm learning JavaScript right now, NodeJS will be next.

I've been reading dev.to articles for a while now and finally decided to join. God bless you for the awesome articles. ❤️


Hey everybody! My name is Honza and I’m a Bohemian. No really, I actually come from Bohemia, which is nowadays a part of the Czech Republic. Nice to join the Dev community. I found dev.to on twitter. There was that heading addressing the exact problem I’m facing right now - we’re goong to get another person on the team and I need to pass onto him/her quite a lot of knowledge. Well, coincidence or not - I found some useful advice from other devs and that convinced me to sign up. I’m hoping to connect with more like-minded people.


Welcome to the DEV Community! We're happy to have you here :)


Hello. I'm Geoff. I'm from regional Australia. I'm a retired academic. I've taught lots of IT related stuff over the years. Now I teach seniors how to use computers as a volunteer. Using computers is hard for many people. I'm good at making them seem easy.


Nice! The world definitely needs people to make computers simpler, approachable and less overwhelming. Great to have you.


Hello, I,m Slobodan (short Sloba), I work as full stack JS developer, I,m also interested in CG, AI, CV and software in general. I am learning all of that in my spare time. I am open to different approaches for software development and I think that makes me a better developer.


Hello, world! My name is Daniyar. I am 21 years old and I am from Kazakhstan.

I found this community by looking at "Trending github repos". One of the repos was "dev.to". I found dev.to cool, especially the design part. I wanted to see source code, but I do not understand Ruby, unfortunately =) .

I work as a full-stack developer. Btw, I have started #730DaysOfSuperHero challenge so each day I try to push myself to do something. In programming world, I consider myself as a beginner. Hope to become cool developer soon at least I am giving it a try now;)


Great to have you! I think you're already a cool developer.



My name is Yash, and I am a software engineer from India. I've studied a lot of theory on Data Science subjects such as predictive modelling, inferential statistics and touched base on machine learning and NLP. I am here to hopefully learn about how to practically implement what I've learnt. Oh and my favorite non-coding hobby is playing DotA 2


Hi all! I'm a front-end developer working on a few open source projects. I enjoy React and Material-UI.

My main projects are:


Hi Gang my name is Paul but my friends call me Skydivedad. I made my first Skydive in 1976 as a member of the U.S. Army (Airborne Infantry, HdQtrs HdQtrs 525 Military Intelligence Co. 18th Airborne Corp also known as the Sky Dragons) and have accumulated 2562 Civilian and 86 Military Jumps. I am a Master Licensed Skydiver in good standing by the United States Parachute Association, our governing body here in the States. All my jumps are logged in my log book and verified by signature and license number of a fellow USPA Member/Licensed Skydivers or Pilots who witnessed or participated in the skydive. I have skydives logged in 28 different States, 12 Countries and on 4 different Continents (North & South America, Europe and Asia working on adding Africa). Each and everyone of my skydives (other than the Military Jumps) were Fun and never for money. I learned early on not to mix my Sport and my livelihood. I participated in 2 Skydiving World Record attempts neither of which were successful records but a hell of a lot of fun. World Class Level Skydiving and World/Master Level Programming share many of the same necessary traits such as continuous discipline, ongoing continuous learning & training, a constant stream of new technologies, tools and techniques, a never quit attitude is an absolute must, overcoming fear especially when the aircrafts door is opened at 20,000 feet and you're first out as a floater actually hanging on outside the plane waiting for the green light which you can't see so you rely on your teammates inside (Team work is so important in Skydiving where mistakes doing a 200 MPH head down formation dive can break bones and other such things. This Sport requires a sort of resolve that only comes with experience, which only comes from exiting the aircraft when the light turns green, this is just like the sort of resolve I encounter with the World's top Developers. Developers/Programmers like Skydivers always look to improve and aren't afraid of painful honest self evaluations because they realize it is the only way forward.
(My answer to question number 3 above)

I've been lurking this site for a while now as I'm not much of a joiner (30+ years in aerospace development tends to jade oneself) but after realizing this is a really worthwhile site with a genuine mission to advance my fellow Devs and Programmers I joined as a Patron. My hope is to become a positive and helpful member whenever I can and to realize I gain most by giving most!
All The Best


Hi, I'm Dave Aiello. I am a web developer from Newtown, Pennsylvania, which is near Philadelphia. I work on client websites at After6 Services LLC. My major project as an indy developer is called RinkAtlas. RinkAtlas is a directory of over 4600 ice hockey arenas in the United States and Canada.


Hi All, My name is Milan Rawal, I'm 29 yrs old boy from Nepal. I have been doing web-backend programming in ruby and rails for past 4 yrs. I love computer science and cosmic science. I enjoy travelling new places, star gazing playing online games.

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