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Discussion on: The Most Important Non-Programming Skills for Programmers

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We’ve removed your comments in this thread because they were not constructive. While maintaining a differing viewpoint is of course acceptable, it’s important that all community members remain respectful. Please review our code of conduct and send us an email to with any questions.

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Giacomo Sorbi

I am sorry, but I was NOT insulting anybody: I was politely complaining on putting too much ideology when not needed, including unsubstantiated claims.

And I was the one getting heavily insulted by another user, if we really want to go there, but ok.

I am missing how your CoC can support inclusiveness and incite criticism, when a - I repeat - polite and non-insulting post gets removed without even a warning...

Incidentally, I still stand by my ground that the parts about emphasis and inclusiveness were just blindly repeating a common view of things that has not so much value for a dev: is "inclusiveness" even an attribute of a single person? I always saw this term used for organisations and groups of individuals, as it means that you include and welcome people inside - not something you would use on an individual (unless you want to go for some bad jokes).

So, trojan-horsing ideology into unrelated discussions is fine, while objecting to it - I repeat again - politely and non-insulting is not? Just to know...