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Discussion on: Monorepos: Lerna, TypeScript, CRA and Storybook combined

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so, I have package1 and CRA. CRA imports package1. and package1's package.json just have module: "lib-esm/index.js" and no main. and CRA is in typescript. So, when babel (which react uses internally) will build my code, will it also provide downward compatibility for the es6 code I had imported = package1 = available as ES6 and not ES3 bcoz I am only exposing "lib-esm/index.js"? - so, I can safely do this in my monorepo right? w/o worrying about browser compatibility issues when running my CRA app?

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good question. I haven't tested your particular case yet, but I'd recommend having both module and main if your app is build against esm and before: The problem here is that it depends on which code babel runs on. If you're running a full build, then dependencies are baked (and minified etc) into the different chunks for your app. If you're just running in development, it might pull in modules, and you can run into problems for example when an es6-class (which is native to the browser) is extended like a non-native class (because js didn't always have classes). Somewhere I read a statement from the CRA team saying that they try to create builds for the largest common denominator of configurations (Browser/OS) out there - so that means ES6 modules and classes, because both are pretty standard now