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Discussion on: Writing a Django Data Migration with Real World Example

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Nikita Sobolev

Don't forget to test your data migrations! One can use django-test-migrations package for this:

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Test django schema and data migrations, including migrations' order

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  • Allows to test django schema and data migrations
  • Allows to test both forward and rollback migrations
  • Allows to test the migrations order
  • Allows to test migration names
  • Fully typed with annotations and checked with mypy, PEP561 compatible
  • Easy to start: has lots of docs, tests, and tutorials

Read the announcing post See real-world usage example.


pip install django-test-migrations

We support several django versions:

  • 1.11
  • 2.1
  • 2.2

Other versions might work too, but they are not officially supported.

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Angelika Jarosz Author

Thanks! Will definitely look into this package when i get a chance!