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re: I think equating "small projects like video games" and "building their own engine" is quite an extrapolation on your part. Even so, I think if you...

Great response. I have to say, James' post is quite good. I think that a hobbyist can really extend from a programmer's first tutorial all the way to someone that has coded 30+ years as a side time gig that does all open source. Programming has various levels that go both vertically and horizontally in terms of skill (take those as you will I think there may even be a Z-axis in there somewhere). That said, a programmers life is one that is in constant shift. No matter what end of the spectrum you're on, you're always building, creating or updating in a new way shape or form (and forum?).
Great post, looking forward to more and great discussions 🇨🇦!

Thanks Spencer! I appreciate the encouragement 👍

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