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re: Hobbyist: "Can create small projects on their own - like video games" Uhh what? Making games, especially from scratch building their own engine i...

I think equating "small projects like video games" and "building their own engine" is quite an extrapolation on your part.

Even so, I think if you read the full article you'll see that the main focus is not on technical skill but has to do with (a) profession and (b) team work for moving forward from this stage.

I've known some very smart people from school, as an example, who actually were building their own video games. You know, pretty cool stuff.

However, that doesn't mean that they worked well with other people.

It doesn't mean that they were capable of working well as part of a team or could communicate with others very well.

It doesn't even mean that their code is maintainable and easily readable by other developers.

There are many things that are learned from experience that takes time - no matter how talented you are.


Great response. I have to say, James' post is quite good. I think that a hobbyist can really extend from a programmer's first tutorial all the way to someone that has coded 30+ years as a side time gig that does all open source. Programming has various levels that go both vertically and horizontally in terms of skill (take those as you will I think there may even be a Z-axis in there somewhere). That said, a programmers life is one that is in constant shift. No matter what end of the spectrum you're on, you're always building, creating or updating in a new way shape or form (and forum?).
Great post, looking forward to more and great discussions 🇨🇦!

Thanks Spencer! I appreciate the encouragement 👍

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