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re: Hey Laurie - I enjoyed this! And frankly it made me want to try my hand at consulting because all the things you mention are things that I enjoy. ...

Fellow consultant here...one of the biggest things I have noticed is that technology is often not the problem that clients are facing. It is part of the equation, but probably 75% of the time, people are the biggest issue. Weak or absent management, egos holding companies hostage, individuals trying to silo knowledge, fun stuff like that.

I have found that being self-aware helps me see a lot of issues in other people and I am able to connect the dots faster. There is also a lot more value in being a generalist as a consultant: it guarantees you stay billable, and a lot of times clients need one person who knows a little bit about everything.


Fellow consultant here as well. I totally agree with you. Communication and people-things are what makes or breaks companies and projects. The technology is most of the time just an implementation detail - or easily fixed when you're able to communicate effectively.

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