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Discussion on: Learn Javascript through a Game

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Jan Wedel

Great game you did there and nice post! Snake was the big thing on the first Nokia phones I used and I learned programming by changing the code of Nibbles, a snake clone shipped with QBasic.

A couple of minor ideas to improve the readability of the code:
A function that check collisions should probably not be called “die” or “eat”. I would suggest to create an abstraction that allows something like that:

if( snake.collidesWith(food) )        {}
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This may appear as an unnecessary separation but separation of concerns really help to maintain and read code.

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Souparno Paul Author • Edited

True. I thought about writing a function for collisions but decided against using the formal term. Collision detection is a big part of game development and I hope to address it in a different article. Great that you created the game using QBasic, which coincidentally also turns out to be the first programming language I learnt.