Charts, Colors, and Complements: Oh my!

Stephen Charles Weiss on December 21, 2018

Charts are the black hole of programming. I was warned, but I wanted to tackle charts anyway. That was my first mistake. Humans tend to underst... [Read Full]
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Yup, charts is a pain in the... ok, so... I also used the chart.js and react-chartjs-2, but I found nivo and is just awesome! Take a look, you've a lot of components and is highly customizable.


One of the key points to remember is that pie charts are almost always terrible ways to represent data. Doughnut charts are even worse. It's almost always better to use a bar chart.


Touché. I completely agree with you.

My only counter-point is that while that seems to be the consensus, I've definitely faced resistance in trying to communicate that point to clients before who had a preference for pie charts.


Pie charts do seem prevalent in my workplace too. Don't use bars very often.

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