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Discussion on: What part of your first dev job were you least prepared for?

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Steve Emmerich

I was not prepared at all for the amount of freedom I was given. They basically say go make me "cool thing x." When I asked, how, with what language, when do you want it? They responded with "up to you... but it will be on hundreds of servers so make sure it's good."

Some might think that it was great to have so much freedom but when you are just starting out it was incredibly scary.

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Valentin Silvestre

I want to type of freedom......

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Sergiu Mureşan

I would ask the devs that are more experienced with the project if I think I am doing something wrong

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Andrew Tanner 🇪🇺

I also felt I was offered a bit too much freedom. Not as much as you but enough to not really know what I should be doing!